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Beat Saber SongBrowser

A plugin for customizing the in-game song browser.

This mod works on both the Steam and Oculus Store versions.


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  • Sorting methods:
    • Song: By song name (default).
    • Author: By song author name then by song name.
    • Original: Match the original sorting you would normally get after SongLoaderPlugin.
    • Newest: Sort by the date you downloaded the custom song.
    • YourPlays: Sort by your most played.
    • PP: Performance points! Using @WesVleuten (Westar#0001) score saber data.
    • Star: Sort by ScoreSaber's Stars difficulty rating.
    • UpVotes: BeatSaver's upvote count.
    • Rating: BeatSaver's rating statistic.
    • PlayCount: BeatSaver's played count.
    • Random: Randomize the song list each time.
  • Filters:
    • Search (with keyboard support).
    • Favorites (all songs you have marked as a favorite).
    • Ranked.
    • Unranked.
  • UI Enhancements:
    • Display PP, STARS, and NJS.
    • Fast scroll buttons (jumps 10% of your song list in each press).
  • Tips:
    • Sort buttons can be pressed a second time to invert the sorting.
    • Filters can be cancelled by selecting them again.


  • Working with BeatSaber 1.12.2